Challenging traditional greeting cards
Red Fox Trade Ltd is a UK-based boutique-style greeting cards
publisher and we promote respect for wildlife and our planet by
means of alternative greeting cards.

Success is about changing people's minds.
We create cards with a traditional function as well as a visual
statement which build the right kind of connections with people who
beside of expressing friendship or a special me-to-you message are
willing to respond to ethical and environmental needs, addressing
actual problems and challenges the world is facing.
About Us
When I lived in South Africa elephants and rhinos were on my doorstep
and hunting and poaching was an everyday problem. These issues have
been close to my heart for a long time. I decided to do something about it
by using a greeting card as an effective vehicle to make people aware of
these and other environmental concerns.  Ella Fox
New to Red Fox Trade greeting cards with a mission? Welcome!
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